How We Serve

Your health is just important to us as it is to you. 

→ We take pride in offering individualized care to meet your needs.

→ Our high standard of care means your prescriptions are prepared accurately and precisely.

→ We are PCCA accredited and meet the strictest of standards for non-sterile compounding.

→ Our knowledgable staff is trained and certified in several areas so they know exactly how we can help you.



Who We Serve

 Lorenzo Apothecary is committed to offering you the best and most dependable service available.

→ Those with medication needs that make it difficult to take manufactured

→ Our high standard of care means your prescriptions are prepared with the utmost care.



Where We Serve

We are located in beautiful downtown Sterling, Colorado.

We proudly serve and deliver to all of Northeast Colorado.

We deliver to

→ Holyoke

→ Haxtun

→ Yuma

→ Akron

→ Fleming

→ Otis



Lorenzo Apothecary is proud to be located in the same building that held a pharmacy over 70 years ago.  We restored the pharmacy with a nod to drug store history. This building has been a part of the history and charm of Sterling, Colorado.

Located on Main Street, just across the street from the courthouse, this building was at the heart of downtown Sterling. Much has changed over the years but the nostalgia and wistfulness will always be a part of our lovely little town.


Historic Downtown Sterling Colorado